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How we generate leads for clients

We leverage high performing data from executing thousands of successful LinkedIn campaigns in every industry to target & engage your most qualified decision makers, driving them directly into your sales funnel.

1. Find Prospects

We build targeted and qualified lists of your ideal prospects on LinkedIn.

2. Write Messages

We write messages for you that have been proven to get quality leads.

3. Execute Outreach

Send custom messages to your ideal prospects by targeting specific personas.

4. Close Deals

You're instantly notified when leads respond, for you to close the deal.

Cleverly is the secret weapon to hitting your growth goals

Quality leads

Attract hundreds of hot leads by targeting your ideal customers on LinkedIn with the best tool.


Scale your leads on LinkedIn and predictably drive more revenue.

Money maker

Make your LinkedIn a revenue driving machine.

We have over 700+ five-star reviews

"We started this campaign 10 days ago and have so many leads we had to hire more people to maintain them."

CEO of a Technology Startup

“Cleverly successfully boosted the client's LinkedIn network by 300+ contacts, which ultimately closed one deal that helped the client generate over $12,000. The vendor showed commitment to the client's growth with regular updates and adjustments when necessary.”

Co-founder of Utility Junction

“The Cleverly Linked In campaign has been very successful for my business. As soon as it was launched I obtained new, targeted connections with replies and communication.”



We like our clients to understand that this is outbound marketing, not everyone we are reaching out to is actively looking for your service.

There will at times some low-hanging fruit that shows high interest and then others that your team needs to follow up with and nurture into a sellable position.
On average we see about a 5-10% response rate giving anywhere from 20-50 actual conversations over the course of the month.
Cleverly is 100% Linkedin focused, meaning all of our resources are here giving us a great understanding of the platform.

All of our team constantly take new courses monthly to stay up to date with marketing in and out of Linkedin. We then provide that knowledge to our clients.

Also, we have about 1200 active clients that provide real-time insight into what is working in the world of Linkedin and what isn't. It's our job to leverage this information and help guide the client so that they skip the trial and error as much as possible.

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Hear how Cleverly helps consultants 

Free up my time to focus on clients while still reaching more people

Got onto podcasts to reach even more people and continue to grow

Hear how Cleverly helps agencies  

Assist in setting up campaign process from beginning to end

Helped establish new connections with key business leaders after recently relocating offices

I’ve referred my own clients to Cleverly

Very affordable

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Campaigns from day 1 have been delivering marketing qualifying leads on a daily basis

I’ve referred my own clients to Cleverly

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Reasonable costs

Service & experience was even better

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